Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lots of Potential

I bought a spinning wheel. She is very pretty. I got her for a mere $120 at a local antique shop with the help of a deep discount from a new friend. Anyone who takes $100 off the cost of a spinning wheel is a friend indeed.

Part of the reason I started this blog post was to document the precess of the wheel restoration. I've spent a load of time bouncing around the internet for details and answers as I've investigated the wheel itself. I've never used a spinning wheel so this is all new and shining still for me. With that in mind, this is what I've figured out about the wheel as it is now.

The whole thing is in pretty good shape considering it's age, which I'm still not sure on. It is a double-drive saxony wheel, and the whorl is stripped and I will be trying to fix that this weekend. There is a pin in the tension screw holding it in the previous spinners desired spot, it does have some movement to it though.The glue holding the bobbin together has deteriorated over the years and is in three pieces. There is some rust on the orifice but not a great deal. The treadle needs some work, I've already replaced the footman. It treadles well but one end has a large crack, and we're planning on replacing the entire treadle to make it more sturdy. The wheel is a dream, no cracks, and turns amazingly straight and smooth.

I think she has a great-deal of potential. She just needs some much needed attention and some new parts. I've learned so much as I've research old spinning wheels, it is starting to become less and less intimidating as I go. Unlike most spinners (I presume) I haven't actually spun on a wheel before, so all of this is new to me and very exciting.